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I have travelled all around the world and everytime I came back I wanted to bring something special for my family. However, the only special thing I always found – and it did not matter whether I was in Soul, Rome, or New York – was a golf ball with specific pattern on it. Other gifts that I found were everywhere the same. And this is the story how I started this web page. You will always find here something special that other golfists throughout the world do not have.

On this page you will not find world famous brands. You will not find here the same cap or T-shirt with the Tiger. You will find here special things which nobody else in the world owns. With our products you can be sure that you or your relatives will be always original and unique.

No mass production,no hundred or thousand copies of one model. All our products are made in limited editions, which means no more than 60 pieces.

You can be sure that each T-shirt or accessory from us was decorated by hand - we played with details and tried to find the craziest and most creative ways possible.

BirdieCountry offers its customers a variety of unique products and services. The epoch of multinational manufacturers and business networking brings to people's lives uniformity and dullness. Birdie Country cooperates across the whole Europe with the artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers who are both unique and special. This gives you - our customers - an opportunity to enrich your golf life-style with little things and accessories, which will not have anybody else for sure... Although we have on our website many products, we only have one or two pieces of each. The reason is that these products are originals – in reality.
As the offer of our goods has not only a practical character but it meets in the majority of cases also the status of the “gift product”, it is therefore our e-shop where you can find a nice gift in order to surprise your beloved ones or your business partners. We offer our customers perfect gift-wrapping as well as the delivery service to the given address.

For the Golf Clubs we can provide a unique golf trophy-cups and prices "tailored" according to the requirements of the club.




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Slavka Tajcnarova, designer and owner


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