There is one story told from one generation to another.

Though Gothenburg Golf Course, the oldest golf course in Sweden, was originally built in Sandviken in 1902, it was moved to Hoves in 1904. Today, it is quite difficult to trace back the reason why it was moved. However, during the time of building and demolition, the golf course changed to a place of absolute chaos. And so it became a custom that many people wandered around the place, though they did not have any particular reason to be there.

Well, if only people... One green-keeper had a son who was called Loke. He was, as other boys of his age, very curious. So he wandered sometimes around the golf course. And, from time to time, he wandered there with his cow as well, whose only task was to graze the grass. Nobody knows exactly to what extend the story is true but it is said that if someone saw Loke in the golf course with his cow (her name is unknown), he managed to strike in an excellent way, or even HOLL in ONE.

LOKE was a boy who brought luck to people. We hope that LOKE, our brand for mini-golfers, will bring luck to the youngest ones, as you have never enough of luck – particularly in golf!


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